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I had assumed that I knew you enough to write a song for you judging by your innovative moves in Ekiti and the goodwill you showed me during your first period as the First Lady of the state. But reading these books authored by you, and personally autographed for me on my courtesy visit to you has not only radically transformed my mind, but has also made me know that indeed, “The secret of great people is in their stories”. I have since been reading these two books simultaneously, slowly, 2-3 chapters at a time, and I can categorically say I am getting the best of them. They have become the last shot I take before retiring to bed after a long day’s work.

One of my strongest mantra over a decade is “Let your voice be heard!”. I have always being a guy who prides himself in his love and respect for the female gender. It just feels normal for me, probably because my growing up was mostly aided by female influences- grandma, mother, aunty, cousins and sisters I grew to respect. I had become conscious of the need to protect and support the female gender for many years now. I have spoken to young people especially guys in small groups about the need to man up and take this responsibility.

Now reading ‘Loud Whispers’ has schooled me, and is still schooling me thoroughly, elightening and answering the so many questions I’ve had about feminism. Thank you so much for giving the world such loads of education in one grab.

In the same vein, reading your autobiography, ‘Above A Whisper’ has totally rocked my world. I must confess that I am in awe of you. I planned to not say anything until I am done reading, but I just can not contain it anymore at this point.

Apart from the mind-boggling discovery of how you journeyed into who you have become today, this book, which in actual terms is your life, has slapped me left and right, back and front. It has shapened my perspective, revolutionized my thinking, recalibrated my expectations, enlarged my vision and challenged my complacency. Indeed my mind is transformed, and definitely my life will follow suit. The day you handed me these books, I never knew you were handing me a new pair of lenses, both clarifying and magnifying wisdom and sound reasoning for me to face life heads on with a renewed spirit. On seeing a picture of you autographing the books for me, a friend had jokingly said, “Na cheque she dey sign for you?” I smiled and said, “No, na autograph”. Little did we both know that what you were handing me was way beyond money. I just can not thank you enough.

Thank God for giving such a jewel as you to the world, and particularly to Ekiti. Thanks a lot for being you. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to your life till date. Thanks to your father for giving you such a well-rounded and solid foundation. Taking a cue from him, my fatherhood quotient has been raised to hundreds of power. And plenty thanks to ‘JK’ as you fondly refer to him, for being such a secured man and husband letting you blossom infinitely. Leadership is truly in his DNA.

I strongly wish that the people of Ekiti, especially the youths will indeed realize that we do not have just a Trophy First Lady in the state house. I wish we will see that Erelu is a treasure to hold, a course to study, and a model to pursue. I wish we all will read ‘Above a Whisper’ because I do not think any young straying brain can read this book and not reset.

I am personally excited at what the next 4 years will birth with you in Ekiti. My organization and I have pledged to engage all our elements and do all in our power to support you as you support ‘JKF’ in the new administration of Ekiti state. We believe you two were made for this, and even for much more than this.
May God continue to strengthen you, and may He grant you success all the way in your legendary moves.

Long live Ekiti!
Long live JKF!!
Long live Erelu Bisi-Adeleye Fayemi!!!

Sola Shittu, a true son of Ekiti is an entertainment entrepreneur and multi-talented creative artiste- musician, actor, writer and producer. He is the Chief Operations Officer of GREEN ENTERTAINMENT, an all-round entertainment outfit.